Mersin Port connects to Anatolia with Yenice Logistics Center

Mersin Port is connected to Anatolia with Yenice Logistics Center: State Railways (TCDD) is establishing a logistics center on 462 decares of land in the Yenice district of Mersin. The center, which will be the gateway of Mersin Port and Çukurova Airport, which is under construction, to Anatolia and the Middle East, will cost 70 million TL.

Turkey's Mersin Port is one of the most important ports, to increase the share of imports and exports with built logistics centers located in Yenice by TCDD. With the logistics center, where the intersection of highway, seaway and airline is located, customers will be provided with a higher capacity operation opportunity. The most important feature of the center, where loading and unloading services will be provided in a more modern and wider area, is that it allows transportation, also called intermodal. In the logistics center, freight will be transferred directly from one vehicle to another without an extra unloading process with special containers within the scope of intermodal transportation.

TCDD 6th Regional Manager Mustafa Çopur said that the work to establish the logistics center has started and emphasized that they aim to provide the combination of road, sea and airway in this center. Underlining that Anatolia will open up to the world through the logistics center and Mersin Port, Çopur said that trade will be further revived. Stating that the project is planned to be completed in 2014, Çopur said, “With the completion of the project, the Yenice Logistics Center will become the largest intermodal center in the Çukurova Region. Yenice Logistics Center will expand the hinterland of Mersin Port, enabling our customers to access a wider hinterland faster. In addition, gypsum, stone land-based industrial products such as cement, ore and is all kinds to be transported by container product more modern transportation system, Turkey will provide 896 thousand tons carrying capacity of the logistics industry and our country 398 thousand square meters of logistics space will be gained. " said.

Explaining that the approach cost of the Yenice Logistics Center will be 70 million TL, Çopur, Regional Manager, said, “The center will have 22 roads consisting of loading and unloading, gare, automatic unloading, wagon repair-maintenance and cleaning, hazardous material discharge and maneuvering routes. As the ramp and loading and unloading area, 13 thousand 75 square meters of loading-unloading ramp, 7 thousand square meters of automatic unloading facility area and 7 thousand square meters of hazardous material unloading road, 81 thousand 950 square meters of storage area for containers and other loads, 43 thousand 870 square meters customer stock area, 600 square meters of Logistics Directorate Service Building, 600 square meters of bonded goods warehouse, 10 thousand square meters of bonded area, 5 thousand square meters of truck parking area, 1 dynamic wagon scale, 6 lodgings. he spoke.

Hayri Uğur, President of the Eastern Mediterranean Exporters Union (AKİB), emphasized that the Yenice Logistics Center has a unique strategic importance. Center of road, rail, and when finished will be Turkey's second largest airport Cukurova Airport Ugur underlined that performed at the crossroads, "This will be a place where all kinds of alternatives related to loading and discharging. Yenice is very important for the trade of ship products by road, rail or air, or vice versa. It will be a very important transfer base for the transit of products going to the Middle East. It will be a center for exporters to bring their products and collect, collect and store there. Especially when we consider the Çukurova Airport built next to it, its importance will increase even more. Since we consider the airport especially in the export of fresh vegetables and fruits, an important logistics center will be important in the rapid departure of these products. When finished second place in the future in Turkey Cukurova Airport. The logistics center is very important for all kinds of products that will come or go from here. " used the expressions.

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