In disastrous accident train in India mowed people (Video)

Train crash cuts people in India: An express train hit a railroad crossing at a station in Bihar, India, at least 37 people died in the incident.

At the Dhamara Ghat station, passengers who had just descended from the local train and were mostly Hindu pilgrims were going to the temple in Saharsa. The news from the region indicates that the opposite Rajya Rani express train hits passengers crossing the railroad.

It was recorded that there were injuries in the accident that occurred at 8.40 am local time, and the number of dead could increase. The high-level police officer SK Bhardwaj said that the exact number of dead could not be determined immediately since the body was torn during the accident.

After the incident, an angry crowd gathered at the train station and attacked the Rajya Rani express train and burned many wagons. The news of the machine and security officer being beaten and taken hostage.

There is a very large railway network in India. Every day, 9000 passenger trains reach 18 million people. 1.220 people have died in train accidents in India in the past five years.

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