Calik: Up to 2023 Malatyaya will be a high-speed train

Calik: up to 2023 Malatyaya high-speed train will be: AK Party Deputy Malatya Özdemir, up to 2023 high-speed train will come to Malatya, he said. Calik, the wagon repair factory to be open to the criminal center reported that the work has been stopped.

Together with AK Party Provincial Vice President Hakan Kahtalı and party members, State Railways (DDY) Malatya 5. Regional Director of the Regional Director Uzeyir Ulker'den information about the work of the AK Party Deputy Malatya Deputy Çalık, in his speech, about the work on railroad information was transferred.

AK Party rulers said that the last 10 years, giving importance to railways Çalık Çalık, 2023'ya until the high-speed train will come to Malatya said. Özyur Çalık stated that they provided 6 million TL grants to the locomotive maintenance workshop of DDY Malatya region and he emphasized the importance of being transported by skins from both the Malatya and Elazığ organized industrial zones.

In response to a press member's question about the idling of the wagon repair factory, Çalık said,, We did not sell this place for 3 times through the privatization administration. The private sector should take a hand and invest here. We will give the necessary support as politicians. Biz

Calik, wagon repair factory open prison house to provide information about the work, "the Ministry of Justice has stopped this work," he said.

DDY Malatya 5. Regional Director Uzeyir Ulker, provided information about the work accompanied by cinevision.

Ülker said that the road renewal is underway and that the road problem will be completed until the end of 2014.

Ülker said that they would give more weight to the transport industry from the organized industrial areas, especially Malatya. Un We will deliver the dried apricots of Malatya to the port of İskenderun in 8-9 hours sanayi.

Ülker said they had a shortage of machinists, while the ratio of income to cover the expense was 2011 in 37, while 2012 in 44 increased to 14. 14 month of the blue train, including the number of passengers, including the number of XNUMX decreases, the number of passengers with the blue train, increasing the number of passengers, the efforts to increase the number of passengers, he noted.

Ülker stated that they provide service with 12 bin 483 personnel in the 2 km network in 650 provinces of Malatya region.

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