11th International Workshop on Railway Noise

11th International Workshop on Railway Noise: The IWRN 2013 workshop will be held in Uddevalla at Bohusgården Hotel and Conference Center, see http://www.bohusgarden.se.

Bohusgården is located in the city center of Uddevalla, in the North Sea, next to Utdevallabron. Uddevalla, with 11 50 inhabitants, is situated on the west coast of Sweden, some 000 km north of Gothenburg. Distances to Stockholm and Oslo are 90 km and 440 km, respectively. The distance from Bohusgården to the Uddevalla city center is 220 km.

Bohusgården is a dedicated conference center with a professional and ambitious staff. We believe in the conference center and the environment.


Source : www.chalmers.s to

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