11. 2013 Introductory Meeting of Transportation Maritime and Communication Council

  1. Transport Maritime and Communication Council 2013 Introductory Meeting: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım stated that the Capital Markets Board (SPK) recently appointed two more members to Turkcell: Ş This is a temporary measure. When the partners of the company handle the conflicts between them, then the business returns to its normal course. Ne
  2. Answering questions from journalists at the 2013 introductory meeting, Minister Yıldırım said on the question regarding the appointments made by CMB in Turkcell recently, he said:

“I don't have to comment on this. The Capital Market Board had previously appointed 3 members based on an authority granted by the law. Now 2 is throwing more members. What's behind this? When the partners could not agree between each other, the Capital Markets Board was authorized to prevent small shareholders and shareholders from being victimized.

Within the framework of this authority, independent members were first appointed. Then, the company's partners on the failure to notify their members or not, upon the disagreement of the members of the SPK 2 said that the company will continue to work clogging. That's the purpose. This is a temporary measure. When the partners of the company handle the disputes between them, the work returns to its normal course. Assigned the task of friends here, business, public, the activities of the weakness of this company is to keep Turkey as an important brand to be able to easily maintain the open road. There is no other purpose than that. Onun

Minister Yıldırım, 3 to Istanbul. the project related to the project related to the airport project, one of the world's largest airports to realize the tender with the public in the recent time to realize the tender, yan The contract is now completed paraf operation. The contractor is continuing its partnership activities. This land is known as a land extracted from coal. Therefore, there is a serious tragedy in the field. So the lakes were formed, mountains formed. Their retreat will be realized with a special technology. It's not just a process that the machinery will enter and do. To do so, the contractor consortium ordered special equipment. After that, I think its until the end of this year have its supply period. On the other hand, the details of the projects are being prepared. We are conducting expropriation and other preparations related to forest. After all these works will be completed, Bütün he said.

Yildirim said that they can be said that the work is going to work faster, actually actually started. Tit The more rigorous we make, the finer details of the preparations, the shorter the construction period. But sometimes we can not get out of this when we go to such bodoslama. Therefore, a planned and meticulous work schedule and the contractor firms are continuing their preparations. The State Airports Authority, whether our ministry or not, we provide all kinds of contributions in order not to lose time. As it is known, the first stage from the workplace delivery will be the 42 month. We will provide a capacity of 90 million during this time. After that, according to the need, one more stage will continue. Capacity can be further increased Kapasite,

"3. the bridge-related trend is very good köprü

  1. evaluating the bridge project Yıldırım, said:

"3. The bridge-related trend is very good. I think we're a little ahead of the calendar we're thinking. The bridge towers are coming out. The surface is no longer visible. It's done with a very special method. Without any break, the pattern is rising at a height of two meters. We're in good condition right now. As you know, the 322 meters will be the tallest towers in the world. There will be a bridge with the highest towers in the world right now. There will also be the widest bridge passing through the world through the world at the platform width, the 59 meter. 4 going 4 arrival. Train line at 2. We're talking about a 10 striped bridge. On the European side, road work is also good on the Asian side. Road platform appeared. Construction of some viaducts was started. Tunnel construction work was accelerated. In short, the project is going a bit further than we expected. Ac

  • Get General Directorate of Civil Aviation can bring ceiling price “

When asked about what could be done about the flight tickets raised on public holidays, Yıldırım said:

"True. We made aviation competition with the decisions we made 10 years ago. We've given way to private airlines. We also eliminated some taxes from the 99 earthquake. He also has positive results in our country. 8,5 aircrafts at 65 million in domestic flights X But I agree with you in one thing. Feast or public holidays around here ... not only in Turkey but also in the world transporters are doing the most business in this period. And here, of course, there is some opportunity. We're aware of that. The way to prevent this is to ensure the supply-demand balance. Secondly, our citizens make travel programs in advance. This is not something to be unilateral. If you decide to travel on the eve, it will cost you. You have to settle for this. This is not possible if you are hoping to find a 60-80 pound ticket. But if you get two months in advance with internet reservation you can get your ticket in normal conditions. We do not have this habit as Turkish nation. Today we decide to travel two hours later. Europeans are amazed. They are planning the 6-7 months ahead. They're dreaming about him. We decide in a minute and leave immediately. He has a lot of unknowns. He's got a lot of load. We need to see this. Bunu

Yildirim said that they are not an excuse for this issue, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation, the ceiling price can bring. We have already been involved in this work. We have entered into a cost-based study. Opportunityism is a separate thing and the creation of demand for something else. We don't have anything to say when supply demand meets, but if the business turns into opportunism ama It's like buying a ticket to go to this match. If you can't find tickets, 2-3 floor is increasing when you are entering tickets. This is an external temp situation. But there's a rule about it. I want to tell her. We want to make the rules more effective,. He said.

Market intervention in the market is the most preferable to find a balance within the reasonable understanding of the market should emphasize the importance of the bus, high and high limits in the bus transport, the airline companies in the coming period, said they will focus on this issue a little more.

Binali Yıldırım, ini We want to know this. There's no chance, no opportunity. Rekebate, yes, but we say no to the citizen. We'il have his sob taken. I would like to express it on this occasion. Onu

  • ”11,5 reduction in fatal traffic accidents was“

Minister Yildirim said that a reduction in the fatal traffic accidents during the holiday of Ramadan, ölüm Very happy news. On this feast there was a reduction of 11,5 percent in fatal traffic accidents. This is good news. We lost our 86 citizens for five days, including the day of Arife. Although traffic increased by one more compared to the previous one. There's been a lot of traffic. The 86 of our 56 citizens is on the intercity road, and the 30 has unfortunately died in the city. 9 days. We will also receive the necessary charges, but our message to our citizens is; There will be no king of roads, the rule of the roads. Be with you, obey the rules of the roads. Do not upset your loved ones Sev.

Binali Yıldırım said in a question about the transition prices in Marmaray:

“Railways will run Marmara. TCDD will operate. Not yet determined. It would be a reasonable price. A work is done, we will look, our Prime Minister will look. In the meantime, let me give information about Marmaray. We had a meeting yesterday. I hope we will make Marmaray ready for opening on 29 October. There is no problem. Test work is ongoing. KadıköyIt will be approximately 14 kilometers underground and submarine from Söğütlüçeşme to Kazlıçeşme. Söğütlüçeşme, Üsküdar station, Sirkeci station, Yenikapı Station and Kazlıçeşme… will be stopped at 5 stations. Sogutlucesme is also called Ayrılıkçeşme. There KadıköyThere is also a merger with the Eagle line. So those who got off Marmaray there Kadıköy- They switch to the Eagle line. Whether to Kartal or Kadıköywill be able to go to the subway again. Taksim-Yenikapı line has been completed to a large extent. Maybe a few months later there will be that link. Thus, a public transportation network in Istanbul will be integrated not only with Marmaray, which connects Asia with Europe, but also with the Istanbul city rail system. Since the standard and quality of public transport has increased, the weight in traffic will be reduced to some extent in the jam. ”

  • ”The upper limit of the Gulf toll in Izmit is 35 dollars“

Yıldırım also evaluated the Istanbul - İzmir motorway project and said, “Istanbul-İzmir highway Izmit Gulf crossing project is a big project. With the cost of finance 9 billion dollars. So 15-16 is perhaps talking about a projection of 17 quadrillion. Together with the 421 km motorway and total bridge arms, we are talking about a bridge that has an 3.600 meter with the part after the feet. As of the total length of the world 3. Great bridge. 1.550 meters from the tower, but after the tower there is a lot going on until the land, Kule he said.

Minister Yıldırım continued as follows:

Ir This is a build operation transfer project. Vehicle guarantee and bridge toll are the determinants of this work. Since this is the determinant of the project, there is no discount here. So the maximum amount, this upper limit. The contractor may also apply the price under it, but not above it. Feasibility was made accordingly. Considering the alternatives according to the developing traffic conditions. Here the contractor has the right to apply price under the ceiling price. But if we change it down, we have to make the difference. It's a separate thing. We'il see if there's a need. But it's not in the contract. 35 is a dollar toll. 1,5 will travel to 6 per minute per hour. Every service has a price. 1,5 will go to the hour if the bay wander. But you will come from Bursa to Istanbul in 45 minutes. How great convenience. You will arrive from Izmir to Istanbul at 3-3,5 hour. These are very important things. Turkey's view is changing. In Turkey we are talking about changing the project's status.

We made an improvement on the end date; They will train Bursa-Istanbul especially until the end of 2015. In addition, by the Izmir-Ankara road and Izmir-Aydın highway will also have a connection to the 50 kilometers. 80 traffic movements of the significant percent of 2015 traffic movements will end up regions. They will complete the other part in the following years. Diğer

shaping the future of infrastructure and transportation projects in recent years in Turkey, emphasizing that it is a giant project for the Lightning, "3. bridge, Izmir-Istanbul highway, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, Marmaray Project. 2.Tube transition, 3. ... These mega-airport in shaping the future the fate of Turkey do not have such projects in projeler.dünya. Just got in Turkey. Because the world is struggling with the crisis. Some of them are fighting in-house, some of them struggling with the crisis. Standing tall and one of the few countries that invest in the future Turkey. Everyone should see this. This is the greatest opportunity of our country in the recent history. Gold is a time worth, Altın he said.

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