Zonguldak-Filyos Highway Tender Completed

AK Party Zonguldak deputy Ozcan Ulupinar Filyos-Zonguldak Road improvement tender was done and will begin work in a short time, he said.
Zonguldak Deputy Özcan Ulupınar also made a statement on the subject; “Filyos-Zonguldak Highway improvement tender, which is called death road, was held. Some parts of the Filyos-Zonguldak Highway have slipped due to collapses and landslides. The traffic of this road has increased due to the renovation works of the train lines between Zonguldak and Karabük. The geography of our city is difficult. For this reason, this road is full of sharp curves and some places are very narrow. From time to time, fatal accidents occurred on this road and it upset us all. Tender was held for widening the road and building barriers. Improvement work will start in a short time ”.



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