Yozgat High Speed ​​Line to Be Activated in 2016

Yozgat High-speed train line will be launched in 2016: Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey Cemil Cicek and Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, Yozgat, Keçiören attended the iftar dinner organized by the Federation of Associations of Municipalities.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag, emphasizing the sense of solidarity and solidarity, during the month of Ramadan, these feelings drew attention to the culmination.

Referring to some projects to be carried out in Yozgat, Bozdağ stated that the high-speed train between Yozgat and Ankara will be activated in 2016.

Bozdağ said, “There are great changes in our Yozgat. The High Speed ​​Train was planned in 2015. Looks like it's going to hesitate a bit. In 2016, it will be opened to traffic between Yozgat and Ankara. A new project is being implemented in our Yozgat. Yozgaz Airport, ”he said.

Turkey Grand National Assembly Speaker Cemil Cicek also, by the emphasis on unity and brotherhood, "living in this geography there is one condition. The point always emphasized is unity and solidarity ”.



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