Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line Characteristics and Construction Works

Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cableway Line Features and Construction Studies: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, will perform with the construction of Şentepe Yenimahalle Metro Station Turkey gave start to the first cable car to public transport purposes.

Mayor Melih Gökçek, three stations of the ropeway line of the excavation work began by specifying, Yenimahalle Station said the foundation was taken.

Yenimahalle Metro Station-Şentepe between President MAG attention to the cable car will be a first in Turkey to be done, 4 stops on the route, each gave the information to try to move the 10 106 passenger cabin. Mayor Gokcek, "Each cabin 15 will move from one station per second, and 13,5 will be able to reach from the beginning to the minute," he said.

The world's most populous city of 5 million traffic among the most comfortable metropolitan, roads, lower and overpasses, bridged intersections are exemplified by the innovations in Ankara does not stop.

Immediately after the introduction of Europe's most environmentally friendly, new generation of natural gas bellows buses, there is another innovation in public transport.

Turkey's first public transport cable car system EGO General Directorate of Yenimahalle and pressed the button for the line to be laid between Şentepe that heralded the MAG President, announced that the tender process after completing the contractor firmanınego Headquarters in 3 station began their excavation work. Yenimahalle Metro station will be connected with the first foundation of discarded that said MAG President, he noted Turkey's urban public transport for the first waste-rigor they are aiming to open the service in March next year.

Gokcek, providing information about the construction of the cable car, said that the cabins and electronics were prepared abroad. After completing the construction of the station, Mr. Gökçek stated that they aim to assemble the technical equipment that will come with the 150 TIR as soon as possible. Excavations started at 4 of our construction site with 3 station. We have 700 in the first station, 1000 in the second station, 1800 in the third station and 1000 in the fourth station. Our stations will be the highest quality stations in Europe and will be built with a different exterior design. There are elevators and bidirectional escalators in all stations with an average height of 5,5 meters. 29 units will be mounted directly for the transport system. Taşıma

There will be an 4 stop along the route. 10 personality 106 cabin will move at the same time, the 200 meter of the ropeway system aware of the jeans, the 3 bin will be 257 meters long. The 24 meter will be a stroke-riding area, and passengers will be able to ride from one place to another. Each cabin 15 will move from one station per second and the 13,5 will be able to arrive from start to finish in minutes. The cabins to be monitored by the camera will have heated seats and central music broadcasting.

4 thousand 800 passengers will be able to move in the ropeway system. The system won't stop, it won't slow down. Only the disabled and the elderly during the ride can be slowed. Yenimahalle Metro Station will connect the center of Şentepe cable car system will connect to the subway in a short time without waiting to ensure.

Cable car system disabled, elderly, children; can be used conveniently by every cut. In Ankara, the system will work in synch with the metro and will help to relieve the traffic and will not overload the roads.
According to the researches, ropeway construction, first investment cost, technical dimensions of construction, slopes, narrowing problems of roads, underground lines and similar lines, expropriation problems, construction period, long periods of keeping the roads closed, operating and personnel costs are high for many reasons araştır it has more advantages than tram, light rail and metro ine systems.

In addition, the most important public transport vehicles in the world, which are determined as the safest public transport vehicle, are Hong Kong, Singapore, Koblenz (Germany), Bolzano (Italy), New York (USA), Portland, Oregon (USA). Caracas (Venezuela) and Rio de Janerio.

Features of Yenimahalle - Şentepe cable car:

-The length of the ferry line will be 3.257 meters
-The 4 stop on the ferry line
- The peaks will be at the height of average 5.5 meters from the ground
-The stairs will be escaped by escalator and elevator.
-Yenimahalle-Şentepe to be completed in 13.5 minutes
-Kabins will be 10 personality
-106 cabin to be found
-Kabins 15 will arrive in seconds
-1 can be transported 4.800 passengers per hour
- There will be cameras in each cabin,
-Music broadcast will be made
Level difference between -Yenimahalle-Şentepe 200 meter

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