TÜVASAŞ Chairman Erol İinal: We Will Be An Effective Power

TÜVASAŞ Chairman Erol İinal: We Will Be An Effective Power
Erol TÜVASAŞ indicating that the Middle East's largest railroad in the factory location Inal, 62 years of knowledge and experience with the production of rail vehicles, said they can make the most effective power in the region Turkey maintenance and repair work. The railway sector will experience very active days in the upcoming period with the liberation law. As domestic and foreign companies can transport passengers and freight with their own locomotives, wagon and locomotive production will increase rapidly.

Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation located in a position considered the sake of the wagon production in Turkey (TÜVASAŞ) from the railway sector in the last 10 years and in 2003 with investments in breakthrough technology, it made a splash. TÜVASAŞ, which has carried out the maintenance, repair, revision and modernization of TCDD, which is both a capitalist and a customer, with the production of 793 passenger wagons so far, has also maintained its domestic success in foreign exports and also Pakistan, Iraq and finally Bulgaria. started exporting wagons. We talked to Erol İnal, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜVASAŞ, which is developing and growing with technology, its future goals and the interview we included in our magazine in Turkish. THE RAILWAYS WILL BE A PREFERRED TRANSPORTATION How do you evaluate the developments in the sector? How Railways has a significant importance for Turkey? The railway sector, which has been neglected for many years in our country, has been transformed into a state policy in the last 36 years and investments have accelerated. Now, Turkey has become a country with a high-speed train technology, it has made an investment of $ 224 billion in the last 10 years, the railway sector.

By 2023, these investments are expected to reach $ 45 billion. New railway lines are being built, existing lines are renewed and the railway transportation network is strengthened. Since the development of a sector with an infrastructure problem will be impossible, priority has been given to infrastructure and these investments are continuing rapidly. In the 2013 budget, the amount allocated to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is 13.9 billion TL. The share of 56 percent of this (7.8 billion TL) on the railway is an indicator of the increase in sectoral investments. In which areas should the investments be made? In the railways sector, investments should be made in line with modern, technological, safe, economic and international rules that meet the needs of the transportation sector in passenger and freight transportation.

In recent years, railways have been linked with ports, new logistic centers with rail connections have been built and travel times have been shortened by high-speed trains. Thus, railways will become a preferred transportation and will be a sector that provides added value to the country's economy. It is that we are the Middle East's biggest WAGON FACTORY wagon production Turkey can be a regional power in the maintenance and repair? We need to produce the desired products in the world in wagon production. We must produce new projects to meet the needs of the countries in the region and increase the product range. We meet 64 UNlBÜSINESS JULY 2013 with African, Middle East and Central Asian countries and prepare projects for their demands. Some countries also have demands for the products we currently produce. Our place in the world market is getting stronger with the wagons we export as TÜVASAŞ.

TÜVASAŞ, which is the largest wagon factory in the Middle East, can turn our country into an effective power in the production, maintenance and repair of rail vehicles with 62 years of experience and experience. How will the liberalization of the railways bring the railway sector? The removal of the state monopoly in railway transportation and the fact that the private sector will operate as a train operator mobilized domestic and foreign companies. International companies in Turkey transport to make their own locomotives and rolling stock, plans to produce cars in part by establishing a factory. Foreign companies that want to invest in the sector make strategic partnership agreements with some domestic companies. With liberalization, investments in railways will accelerate and TCDD's financial liabilities will also decrease. The share of railways is expected to increase especially in freight transport. Parallel to freight transport, passenger transport will also develop, and a large market will be created in which the private sector is also active. Along with the railway liberalization law, sub-industrialists will also be able to produce wagons and locomotives. Thus, competition will increase and a new market will be created in this field.

With the increase in production, new employment areas will also be born. OUR FACTORY how ROLE DEFINITION DE assuming a significance for Turkey and the region TÜVASAŞ? To date, TÜVASAŞ has carried out maintenance, repair and modernization of TCDD for 793 thousand passenger wagons and 36 passenger wagons. We make a certain part of Marmaray vehicles. In partnership with EUROTEM, we produced 224 Marmaray vehicles. In 49, we started the production of 2010 diesel train sets for our main customer, TCDD. In 24, 2012 sets were delivered, and the remaining 18 sets will be completed and delivered in 6. TÜVASAŞ, which first opened to foreign markets by exporting 2013 wagons to Pakistan and Bangladesh for the first time in 1971, has accelerated its wagon export activities in recent years. For Iraqi Railways, it exported 77 generator wagons in 2006 and 12 sleeper wagons to Bulgarian Railways in 2012. In 30, we will produce and deliver 2013 wagons of various types to Iraqi State Railways.

Our factory has been effective in the development and growth of the wagon industry in the region. Thanks to this factory, it will achieve a brand value in Sakarya. The products of our factory will introduce our city at home and abroad. What steps need to be taken to make TÜVASAŞ a global brand? TÜVASAŞ should be a factory that answers the needs by analyzing the transportation sector well. Investments that can meet today's needs, make investments in accordance with modern, technological, safe, economic and international standards. We must deal with several projects at the same time and implement them.

In this sense, we should increase the product range. Saving TÜVASAŞ from the workshop view and turning it into a brand is my greatest wish and our friends here. TÜVASAŞ's location in Sakarya will become a complete brand, especially in terms of logistics, with new projects and especially the port-connected railway project. What are the investment plans and new projects of TÜVASAŞ in the medium and long term? As the result of the investments made in the railway sector in our country in recent years, it will be inevitable to change the current profile of rail vehicles carrying passengers, our company has already started to produce rail vehicles carrying more modern passengers. In this context, Diesel Train Sets (DMU) are initially produced. With our current technology, we can produce car bodies made of carbon steel material. In the upcoming period, we are planning a technology investment that can also be produced from aluminum materials. Thus, we will be able to produce lighter wagons.

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