Urla TCDD Camp Serves With Its New Face

tcdd social facilities izmir urla campi
tcdd social facilities izmir urla campi

Urla TCDD Camp Serves With Its New Face: The camp, which has been serving Tcdd personnel in Iskele District of Urla for years, produces much more active and quality service this year.

There have been many changes in the camp for the 2013 season. In fact, TCDD employees are provided in short (6) and long (12) days in summer. The camp has a room to host the 86 family. Usually allocated to the staff of Tcdd rooms available to the citizens can benefit from the empty space. In addition to the dedicated staff, day-to-day facilities offer a separate price to non-public personnel and non-public personnel. Those who are taken to the daily facilities can benefit from the sea and other services. When we look at the general view of the camp, it can be seen that a very clean regular service is provided.

About the camp manager camp facilities; “Our facilities are being operated this year with a different service approach. We mobilize all our facilities for a short or long term staff to have a good holiday. Apart from dedicated staff, we also serve our citizens. Daily visitors can benefit from all units of our camping facilities. Everyone can benefit from the à la carte portion of our restaurant section. Also this year, our guests who sit on cushions in our summer cinema facility and enjoy their tea, are watching our cinema. In addition, our two water slides serve children and adults. We have two rescue personnel on land and a rescue boat in our sea department. Sunshades and water slides on the beach are completely free. Equal service is provided to everyone who benefits from our camp, and no discrimination is made. In our facilities, our restaurant, cinema, disco, Tanju Okan hall and car parking are at the service of everyone as much as we can. ” said.

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