Uludağ's New Ropeway Project Has Been Taken By The Court Decision (Photo Gallery - Special News)

The new ropeway project of Uludağ has been put on the court decision: The decision of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to stop the construction of the longest cable car line in the world was stopped. With the application of environmentalists who responded to the cutting of hundreds of trees in Sarıalan and Oteller District, the Bursa 2.idare Court decided to stop the execution. Environmentalists, the emergency intervention by the administration taking into account the authorities wanted to stop the slaughter.
Sarıalan and 2 in the new construction of the new ropeway project. Upon the discontinuation of the forest area between the Development Zone, Bursa Bar Association and Doğader applied to the competent authorities to stop the execution. Bursa 2.In the Administrative Court decided to stop the execution of the sector on the part of the Bursa Bar Association President Ekrem Demiröz said, k The municipality has promised an environmentalist approach. The ropeway was planted by helicopter in Bursa Sarıalan. However, it is allowed to cut the 3 bin 375 tree between Sarıalan Hotels Region where the new line will be built. With the destruction and drying of the sector, this number reaches to a thousand. Cuttings will not only lead to woodcutting but also to wildlife and other plants. During cutting, the forest floor will be damaged by soil. The bear shelters on the cutting route will be the way. Kes
Although the new ropeway project was said to reduce the traffic in Uludağ, Demiröz said that more than one case was opened to the Metropolitan Municipality due to the fact that the zoning plans, stations, shopping center and hotel were given place, and said azal Uludağ is one of the oldest national parks in our country. In addition, the National Parks Law has also taken a strict protection status. We invite the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to act in accordance with the law and to truly protect the environment. Bursa
Doğader President Murat Demir said,, The ropeway project is an environmental project, and we approve this project. We would like to go to Uludağ with an environmentally friendly cable car. We certainly do not approve of cutting trees. Ağaç

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