Transformation Begins in Uludağ

Transformation Begins in Uludağ
With the protocol signed with the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has the authority of superstructure in Uludağ, will complete the projects related to 1 parking lot, congress center, sports facilities and day unity facilities, and 3 will complete the facilities within the year.

First of all, for the development and development of Bursa in all areas of the city in the best way to use all the values ​​of the Metropolitan Municipality, for many years, the Uludağ'le the authorities in the complexity has come a great distance. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been seeking to carry out the works in Uludağ as one-stop shop, started the studies on drinking water, sewage and rain water lines in the region after the previous infrastructure powers. On the one hand, the city of Uludağ has completed the infrastructure of the Metropolitan Municipality from the beginning, on the other hand, focused on the work on the superstructure powers. Lastly, the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu, who came to Bursa last weekend, announces that they will cooperate with the Metropolitan Municipality in Uludağ about the superstructure.
Signed for ULUDAĞ

Following the statements of Minister Eroğlu, the process was accelerated, while Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, who was invited to Ankara, and Nurettin Taş, Deputy General Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks signed a protocol on superstructure powers. Speaking at the signing ceremony attended by the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Bayram Vardar and BUSKI General Manager Ismail Hakki Cetinavci, Mayor Altepe said that many years of Uludag's expectation has ended. Reminiscent of the ongoing work on infrastructure and ropeway manufacturing in the Hotel Area, President Altepe said: ti With this protocol, the construction works in Uludağ will be realized by Büyükşehir. 1 projects within the year, 3 also needs to be completed in the year. We took an important step for Uludağ to become a real tourism center and contribute to the Bursa economy in the summer. The congress and cultural center where meetings can be held in Uludağ, and the sports facilities, car parks, and day-to-day facilities for the arrival of sports clubs were given to the Metropolitan Municipality. Our goal is to fulfill the requirements of the protocol as soon as possible, Uludag again as an important brand value in the country window to bring ün.

Nurettin Taş, Deputy General Director of Nature Conservation and National Parks, also wished the protocol would be beneficial for Bursa.

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