The historical peninsula is not filled with hotels

The historical peninsula is not filled with hotels
Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Abdurrahman Arıcı, 3. bridge, 3. Large hotels such as the airport and Marmaray are solved if transport is carried out outside the Historic Peninsula. Thus, the historical texture is preserved. Böylece Beekeeper, the buildings in Zeytinburnu said the walls would not exceed the height.

One of the most important symbols of Istanbul, the historical peninsula continues to protect the silhouette. In the process of demolition about the giant buildings that were found to break the historical landscape, the silhouette will be given priority in the projects to be carried out following the order of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Abdurrahman Arıcı, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that the height of the buildings in Seaport, which is a planned cruise and marina project in Zeytinburnu, will not exceed the length of historical walls.
On the historical peninsula, even without the permission of the Board of Monuments, the number of hotels in this area exceeded a thousand 500. Every year 5-10 million tourists come to Istanbul Arıcı said that the hotel is necessary, but can be done outside the peninsula, he said. 3. Bridge and 3. , If we solve the transportation problem, the distance of the place to stay will not matter. 3. bridge, 3. major projects such as the airport and Marmaray are being carried out to solve transportation. If transportation is resolved, hotels are made out of the historical peninsula. Thus, the known texture is preserved. ”

To protect the silhouette of the historical peninsula Prime Minister Erdogan personally received instructions from the Arıcı, Ar the cruise port to be made in Zeytinburnu'da 85 rate was a construction density. We have reduced it to 35 by order of our Prime Minister. The harbor will be spread over the ground in a large way and will not exceed the length of its historical walls. De Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, April, rent for the precedent of the precedent of 6-7 to remove the logic of the debate on the ongoing debate continues. The precedent discussion started with the skyscrapers in Zeytinburnu entering the historical peninsula silhouette, and the zoning problems were determined in Istanbul due to the exceeding of the precedent values ​​at many points. Istanbul silhouette will be prioritized in Seaport and Galataport projects, the first cruise port project to cover a wide area from Karaköy to Tophane. Turkey said it was an important symbol of the historical peninsula image for Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Abdurrahman Beekeeper, he said he would be protected in the new projects will be historical touch. Yarım We also want the silhouette of the historical peninsula not to deteriorate, adan said Arıcı. New giant buildings can be built in Maslak. But if you bring them to the side of Zeytinburnu near Topkapı, there is no such thing as silhouette. Mr. Prime Minister, the height of the tender of Galataport determined. Density reduced from 2 to 1,5. The hotels to be held together with the auction will also exceed the boundaries of 4.

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