Trains went to historical stations relics left

Trains went to the historical stations remaining relics: in Istanbul last month, the renovation work began in the Pendik-Sogutlucesme railway line 'historical' feature stations in the restoration work began.

Officials who said that the historic texture will be preserved, Stations can be 'in the museum, can be empty' expresses. Modern station buildings will be built at the main stops. Some of the old and historic station buildings will be restored and protected. 'History' feature with what these buildings will be used will be decided later as saying the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) officials, "This is the starting point of the Baghdad railway line Anatolia. Some stations on this line are even old from Haydarpaşa Gar. Bu


TCDD officials stated that the necessary functionalization alternatives and evaluation studies are still going on in some historical stations that will be out of use after Marmaray. However, our work continues. It can also be used as a museum or exhibition hall for buildings serving railway workers. It can also be protected by preservation. But we don't want these buildings to lose their soul. These buildings will not be more fully decided what will happen. Bu


Officials who stated that restoration works were carried out in some stations, ve The restorations of Kızıltoprak and Feneryolu stations were restored in 2012 for around 3 million liras. Erenköy, Suadiye, Bostancı and Maltepe stations are undergoing restorations and 1.5 million pounds have been allocated. Er TCDD officials stated that the survey, restitution and restoration projects of the Haydarpaşa Station Building and Outbuilding Building have been approved by the Cultural Heritage Protection Board of Istanbul 5 and that the tender process has started for the operations to be carried out. 30 million pounds in the restoration project and construction work for the authorities who expressed the allocation of all restorations to be made in accordance with the fact that the attention was paid to the original.

Renovation work

19 Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who was closed down in June and started the renovation works, said: Ulaştırma From Söğütlüçeşme to Gebze Halkalısuburban train lines up to. The current line will be eaten, the 3 will even be ejected. The line will be closed until the year of the 2 within the scope of the work started as of the closing of the traffic Hatt he said.

They moved the station in Switzerland

In SWITZERLAND an old train station was moved over the rails and moved to its new location. A new underground station moved to the site of the Geneva suburb, which was moved to open a 33-meter journey. 1887 transporting the building built in 1.4 cost $ 1 million.

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