Transportation in Istanbul Percentage of Ramadan

50 Discounted in Ramadan Feast: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has unanimously decided to discount public transportation during Ramadan in the first session of July.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 8, 9 10 will be held between August in Ramadan Feast of public transport in Istanbul has decided to discount 50 percent.
AK Party Group Vice President M. Ergun Turan and CHP Group Vice President Fahrettin Kayhan signed a motion to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly was approved by "Vote".

According to the decision taken; Buses and metrobus vehicles belonging to the General Directorate of IETT Operations, city line ferries belonging to Şehir Hatları A.Ş. and tram, light subway, metro and funicular belonging to Transportation Inc. are 3% discounted for 50 days during the Ramadan Feast. will serve. The fuel expenses of IETT, Şehir Hatları A.Ş and Transportation Inc. will also be covered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The following statements were included in the proposal.

“As it is known, visits to relatives and cemeteries during the holidays celebrated with enthusiasm by our people bring an additional burden to Istanbul traffic, which is already intense, due to the use of private vehicles.

It is thought that the experience of 50 discounted transportation is important for both people to enjoy this enthusiasm and stress-free, and to avoid the congestion in Istanbul traffic, to reduce the use of private vehicles, and to use XNUMX discounted transportation vehicles in order to prefer public transportation vehicles.

For this reason, in order to ensure our people to enjoy the euphoria of Bayram, to enable them to visit relatives and cemeteries, to reinforce their friendship with unity and solidarity and to prevent the enjoyment of non-visiting vehicles in the meantime, to make use of 50 discounted public transportation vehicles during the upcoming Ramadan Feast. Directorate (İETT Buses, Metrobus) vehicles, City Lines Inc. (City Lines Ferry) vehicles, Transportation Inc. (Tram, Light Metro, Metro and Funicular) vehicles and Bus Inc. and Private Public Buses within the scope of the service project to be realized in accordance with the law numbered 5393 / a Law No. 75 in order to be met by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to meet the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor.

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