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Tram travelers want to look out
T1 Bagcilar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Ads on the line trams should be properly covered
T320.000 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu- which has the highest passenger transport record that a tram line can reach in the world by carrying more than 1 passengers every day in Istanbul.Kabataş The tram passes through the busiest places in Istanbul.

The line along the 18,5 km brings with it a huge advertising potential. After the Alstom Citidas brand trolley vehicles have been introduced in recent years, the advertising model, which is being implemented on the old Bombardier model tram cars, provides a big income.

But advertisements are now placed without regard for the rights of people. I want to prove this to you with two incidents that catch me. We don't say never to be covered, we want it to be covered properly.

A signature campaign was launched via If you do not want to remain silent in the case, sign-off!

Vodafone coated trams still on the tracks ignore the passenger rights.

In the ads covered by the tram, the occupants are targeted. A bubble was removed from the sitting passengers and it seemed as if he were proposing: orm I moved to Vodafone, I am comfortable ki, an It attracts everywhere yol etc. It's like talking to passengers. In this way, passengers are included in the advertisement. On the outside, Vodafone uses hundreds of live advertising faces for free every day.

When people get on the tram, they want to watch out rightly. Since the tram is full, passengers traveling in a depressed mood find comfort with the view of Istanbul. But because the advertisements are also covered with perforated foils, it is difficult to watch from the inside out. Especially after dark, it is not possible to see outside.

We want to advertise the rights of the passengers

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