Trabzonspor players enjoy the cable car (Photo Gallery) | Trabzonspor Davraz

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

Trabzonspor Davraz: While Trabzonspor was continuing to prepare for the new season in Isparta Davraz camp, they relieved stress by getting on the cable car today. In Trabzonspor, which continued its preparations for the new season in Isparta Davraz, football players relieved the stress of Davraz Camp by traveling with a cable car. In Davraz Ski Center, on the cable car used to take the skiers to the top of the mountain, today players from Trabzonspor created interesting images while they were touring.

TS Trabzon Davraz Football Camp

After the cable car trip in which the players of Bordeaux-Mavili were enjoying pleasant moments, Trabzonspor players visited the summit of the mountain. After a very enjoyable last trip, the morale store team returned to Davraz camp.

Speaking at the top of the mountain, Emre Güral said, "We will climb to the top of the mountain."

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