Historical Call from Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Platform

Historical Call from Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Platform: Ahmet Sarı made a statement on behalf of Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Platform.

Stating that the railway and logistics center projects should be included in the 2014 budget, Sarı said, UM Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. Erdoğan Bayraktar, our Governor Mr. Dr. Recep Kızılcık'a, Deputy MP. Mr. Faruk Özak, Member of Parliament Professor Dr. Mr. Aydın Bıyıklıoğlu, Member of Parliament Safiye Seymenoğlu'na, Deputy MP. Volkan Canalioğlu'na, Deputy MP. Mr. Koray Aydin, Mayor Mr. Dr. We call Orhan Fevzi Gümrükcüoğlu, Karadeniz Technical University, Eurasia University, Our Chambers, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Our Chambers of Merchandising, Our Business Associations, All Civil Society Organizations, all of our People of Trabzon. As it is known, the work of Trabzon-Erzincan Railway has made significant progress. We have seen the importance of both the logistics center and the railway connection for the future of this city and we have pioneered and accompanied the steps taken in order to regain the identity of the trade city Trabzon. When we prepare the budget of 2014 at the point we have arrived today, we have to create public opinion in order to take part in the budget in the budget by emphasizing this priority. It has been mentioned by the President himself that our country has become capable of realizing these projects under the current conditions. Starting from this point, we will be the followers of 2014 budget for the realization of railway and logistics center projects which are connected to each other.




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