This Tunnel will bring 4 provinces closer together

This Tunnel will bring the 4 provinces closer to each other and connect the provinces of Bitlis, Diyarbakır, Siirt and Batman, and the second tube tunnel drilling process continues at full speed. With the second tunnel of approximately 2014 kilometers, which is planned to be put into service in November 2, Bitlis traffic is aimed to be thoroughly relaxed. Tunnel will connect the provinces of Bitlis, Diyarbakır, Siirt and Batman. The first 8 August Tunnel, which has been in operation in the past years, is being used regularly and gradually.
Bitlis Governor Veysel Yurdakul visited the workers who were working on tunnel boring and received information from the authorities. Stating that the second tube tunnel drilled under Dideban Mountain will be opened after a distance of 590 meters, Governor Veysel Yurdakul said, “Our infrastructure works in Bitlis are continuing rapidly. Today, we are in our tunnel work that will connect the Siirt-Baykan road to the Tatvan-Bitlis region, more precisely, the historical Silk Road. Approximately in November 2014, it is planned to complete the whole transaction and take it to traffic. With electrical works, drilling works and other infrastructure services, I think the tunnel is considered to be put into service as of November 2014, considering all of them. The current tunnel departure tunnel and the arrival tunnel here will be a very important transportation area on the Silk Road, especially in these two regions. In this respect, we really thank our government, the contractor firm here, its employees, and all kinds of supporters who supported us in this investment. " said.
Governor Yurdakul told us that they made tunnel by piercing the mountains. Our length is one thousand 950 meters, but until now we have flawed 1300. Our 600 flaw is off. I hope this drilling work, electricity and other infrastructure services to the end of the 950 reached the full thousand and will be opened in the direction of our tunnel. Of course, the currently loaded tanker, straw road vehicles must pass through Bitlis center, but when this tunnel is opened, it will now completely go from this route when integrated through the environment. Tab

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