Train disaster in Spain 7 has declared national mourning

The Train disaster in Spain caused 7 days of national mourning: The train with 240 passengers on a Madrid-Ferrol flight derailed. At least 78 passengers died and 130 were injured in the accident, which is described as 'one of the biggest train disasters in the history of Spain'. In the accident, it was claimed that the mechanic went up to 80 at the place where he had to go at a speed of 190 km per hour.


Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister who went to the region by canceling today's programs due to the accident, first went around the scene, then went to the hospital and visited the wounded.


Prime Minister Rajoy told the press that he "had his saddest day" as a Santiagol. Thanking all the healthcare personnel, public officials, blood donors, volunteers and the media working in connection with the accident, Rajoy stated that the efforts of the volunteers in the hospital touched him very much.

In all of Spain, 3 will sign the decree on the annulment of national mourning, noting that the judiciary is investigating the cause of the accident and two separate investigations in the Ministry of Public Works.


In the meantime, investigating the accident, the judge began to examine the details of the train's black box was announced. In addition, in the memory of those who lost their lives in a train accident, all official institutions such as the parliament, the senate in Spain, a minute's silence was held.

In Spain, the high-speed train on the Madrid-Ferrol expedition near the entrance of Santiago Compostela station yesterday, as a result of the derailment of rail cars at least 78 people died, more than 130 injured.

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