MAÇKA line can never compete with TİREBOLU on railways

On the railway, the MAÇKA line can never compete with TİREBOLU: The speech of the AK Party group chairman and Giresun deputy Nurettin Canikli during the iftar program of Giresun central district chairmanship continues to be shocked.

Deputy Nurettin Canikli gave a speech about 3 minutes to the Railway project. He explained that the Harşit Valley route, which is the dream of Giresun province, is facing some difficulties, and at the end of his speech, he stated that the Railway will come to Giresun from the coast and said that there is no need for concern. He stated that he was not an expert in technical matters.

Prof. Dr. Fazıl Çelik from Trabzon evaluated MAÇKA and TİREBOLU routes

Trabzon Railroad Platform's scientist, platform member and consultant consulted Trabzon / Maçka Professor and Karadeniz Technical University (KTÜ) Transportation Department Head Fazıl Çelik, about the route that keeps its warmth on the agenda, to the head of Giresun Railway Platform, Sedat PİR, by the Minister of Transport / DLH. evaluated the railway route that was built and planned to be lowered to Trabzon and Tirebolu in 2 forks from Torul / Gümüşhane.

Head of KTÜ Transportation Department, Prof. Dr. Fazıl Çelik stated that he did not look favorably on the projects made by DLH and descended to Trabzon and Tirebolu via Torul and that he primarily advocated a route based on Arsin or Of via Bayburt. Stating that they have evaluated with him many times, Prof. Çelik repeated that he is in the same opinion.

Giresun Railway Platform head Sedat Pir asked Prof. Çelik to compare MAÇKA and TİREBOLU

Giresun Railway Platform President Sedat Pir to Prof. Fazıl Çelik, Head of KTÜ Transportation Department

“Sir, I respect your route ideas. However, we see that the Ministry of Transport / DLH continues the route project, which will not take these valuable works on the agenda of you, by operating the process as either Tirebolu or Trabzon via Torul. When comparing Tirebolu and Maçka line, what would you say as a scientist? she asked.

Trabzon / Maçkalı KTÜ head of department Prof.Dazaz Çelik evaluated the routes

Fazıl Çelik, who evaluated the Maçka and Tirebolu routes made by DLH to Sedat Pir, the head of the Giresun Railway, as a scientist, made incredible statements.

The route Zigana-Maçka presented by DLH is an extremely wrong work and route. They put a lot of tunnels in the project. This means that the route should not be Maçka, it should be Tirebolu. There is not a big port in Tirebolu. However, there are Giresunites in the port. The Macka project of DLH is very wrong. Therefore, DLH may have worked in favor of Tirebolu in this state. Approval and acceptance of the EIA report on these two routes can be done on these 2 routes. This means there is no problem in these 2 routes. When it lands in Tirebolu, a large port should be built. However, I say again, although I am from Maçka, I say that this project of DLH is extremely wrong.

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