ThyssenKrupp Elevator will provide the lift of the Commuter Rail Turkey

ThyssenKrupp Elevator lifts the Commuter Rail will supply Turkey: Improving Commuter Rail station and scope 36 155 191 elevators and escalators for the annex, to be supplied by ThyssenKrupp Elevator Turkey.

According to the statement made on the subject, Marmaray Railway Tube Tunnel and Suburban Railways Public Transport System in Istanbul are divided into three as Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing (BC1), Improvement of Suburban Lines (CR3) and Railway Vehicles Supply (CR2).

ThyssenKrupp Elevator, on the European side of this project, covering the 65 kilometer line Halkalı and the CR3 Agreement, which connects Gebze on the Asian side and forms the longest part of the project.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Turkey, OHL and Dimetronic Joint Venture (ODJV) According to the contract signed by the 36 155 station and in total, including escalators and elevators for additional buildings that will provide 191 346 unit.

The CR3 Agreement includes the complete renewal of the existing two-track railway system, in addition to the commuter line, to form a three-line railway route, including the intercity line and freight train line. In addition to the 3 station, the CR36 contract includes auxiliary buildings such as warehouses, workshops and administration buildings. The line will be connected to the Asian and European sides of the BC1 and will allow rail transport between the two sides of the city to continue uninterrupted.

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