Investment in Uludag with cable car will rain

Investment in Uludag with the cable car will plunge: Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, which is considered the pupil of the winter tourism for Uludag important projects will be completed within the 3 years, he said.

Investment in Uludag will fall

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe evaluating the Uludag, the city's iconic cable car works uninterrupted, stating, 'Helicopters and technology in the work of all the possibilities are used. Currently, poles are assembled. The most important means of transportation between Bursa and Uludağ is the cable car. Bursa's ropeway was the symbol of Bursa by doing this work in a very beautiful way. The 50 annual ropeway is now tired and its capacity is very low. Now we are increasing the capacity of the tired cable car by 50. At the end of the summer, we aim to launch the new ropeway. 12 will open the part of the line up to Sarıalan until October. By the end of the year until the end of the portion will be opened to service.


The line with the length of the 8 bin 600 meters will be one of the longest cable car lines in the world. People, 22 will reach the top of Uludag from Bursa in minutes. Thus, tourists can stay in Bursa and go skiing to Uludag. So you do not need to stay in Uludag to ski. In summer, the cable car will be the most efficient means of transportation for people from Bursa to stay in Uludağ. Uludag will be provided in the summer winter use, "he said.


From the very beginning, President Altepe stated that they wanted all the authority in Uludağ to be handed over to them and said:

'The best management is closely management. We also argued that Uludağ is a part of Bursa, that we have a neighborhood, and that investments in Uludağ should be made by local authorities. There are some difficulties here. Nearly all of Uludağ National Park. Direct management cannot be transferred due to being a National Park.

The infrastructure to be built in Uludağ was transferred to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Now, water, sewage, fire lines, all the infrastructure is being done, our lift is renewed, small terraces such as terraces are made. Together with the authority given to us by the Ministry, the Congress and Cultural Center planned to be held in Uludağ, sports facilities and car parks will be built. Projects related to these studies are being prepared. 1 projects will be completed in the year. After a total of 3 years, buildings and facilities will be finished. An important step was taken. Hopefully, we will realize these investments without losing time and make a great contribution to both Uludağ, Bursa and our economy.

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