TCDD Recreation Facilities converted to marina

TCDD Recreation Facilities converted to marina
Next to the Kalamış yacht harbor, TCDD Recreation Facilities are converted into marinas.

TCDD Recreation Facilities next to the Kalamış marina are being converted into a marina. While the Privatization Administration speeds up the development works, Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk said, “This place is not suitable for the marina, we will sue if the marina is built.”

Privatization Administration (ÖİB) Fenerbahçe TCDD Recreation Facilities in Dalyan has begun work on the zoning plan to make a marina. Once the zoning plan is completed, the land will be auctioned. 2008 thousand square meter land taken by the Privatization High Council at 20 is still being used as public beach and TCDD tavern.

TCDD Fenerbahce Facilities, the position of the luxury night club in the past years, attracted the attention of the operator. However, this project did not take place due to the location of the Fenerbahce Army House.

Some time ago, the area that hosted the Chechen refugees as a temporary shelter was transferred to the Privatization Administration to be sold on the 28 2008 date 23 of the TCDD Board of Directors.

'There is already a marina in Kalamış'

Privatization officials Kadıköy Calling the Municipality, saying that they asked for an opinion on the subject Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk said, “It is desired to build a marina in the area mentioned. If Marina is built, Fenerbahçe will die in the bay. ”

Saying that the offer came about 15 days ago, Öztürk said, “KadıköyMarina has already been built in the most beautiful bays of. Fenerbahce-Kalamis marina is an example of this. ” Reminding that the TCDD land that is intended to be built in the marina is a public beach and those who want to go to the sea from here, Öztürk said, “This area must belong to the public. It is very wrong to want to destroy your life here. ”

'Capacity 2000 will be on board'

Reminding that the capacity of the marina in Kalamış will be enlarged, Öztürk said:

“We are not against marina construction. There is already a 1500-yacht Fenerbahçe - Kalamış Marina. Under a new plan, the capacity of the marina will be increased to 2 thousand yachts, but the bay in Dalyan is not suitable for marina construction. There is a very small area. A marina with a maximum capacity of 100-200 yachts can be built here. "

Privatization Administration for the construction of the marina first, the Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Board should take permission to explain about the Ozturk, if the decision on the construction of the marina, they added that they would file a lawsuit.

'We will sue the plan'

Stating that the facilities are currently used as public beaches Kadıköy Mayor Selami Öztürk said that if the marina construction is allowed in the bay, they will be the plaintiff.

Öztürk stated that the title deed of the land belongs to the State Railways and that they handed over the land to the Supreme Board of Privatization. Öztürk stated that they would be the followers of the developments and said that they would not allow the construction of the marina in the area where the citizen used as a beach and entered the sea.

At the disposal of the Privatization Administration

According to the statement made by TCDD, the land belonging to State Railways has been included in the scope of privatization and the following information has been given:

“The said immovable

5 has been reported to PA on December 2008. The ownership of the real property belongs to TCDD and it is in the scope of the privatization scope and program. ÖİB carries out planning work on the real estate. Ö

'Let people benefit'

Historians say that the land on which the TCDD facilities are located was offered to Atatürk to build a pavilion, but that Atatürk did not accept it as teklif Let this place be very popular for a person m.

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