Prime Minister of Spain's Train Accident in Custody

Chief Suspect of Train Accident in Spain Detained: The mechanic of the catastrophic train accident in Spain was detained after the investigation deepened.

1992 first met 23 in years with high-speed trains, but encountered the first time in a fatal train accident in Spain, the 3 announced the accident that was claimed to cause the driver to be captured while driving the daily mourning.

Spanish police shared the information that the mechanic was officially detained. The said custody took place on Thursday, July 25 said in a statement.

While the black box on the high-speed train carrying the accident was handed over to the prosecutor, the number of those killed in the accident was confirmed as 78 by the President of the Forensic Medicine Police, Antonio Del Amo. However, 6 was also shared with the information that the body could not be identified.

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos, who visited the 130 people injured in the high-speed train accident at the Santiago University Hospital where they were treated, stated that the accident unified all of Spain. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy also inspected the crash site.

There are no technical failures on the high-speed train, while the injured Josein Garzon Amo, who is slightly injured by the mechanics, is being questioned in detention. The mechanic learned that 52 has years of experience and that the accident occurred even for 30 years.

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