Train Crash in Spain: Black Box Judge (Video)

Train accident in Spain: Black box judge: 80 people died in the overturned passenger train in the Galician region in northwestern Spain, some 150 of whom were injured in heavy conditions.

All eight wagons of the train, which carried more than 200 passengers, derailed near the city of Santiago de Compostela.
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It is stated that the train going from the capital Madrid to Ferrol city has exceeded the speed limit twice.

Sources in the Spanish media, the speed limit of the 80 km per hour to the turning period of the train at the speed of the 190 km per hour, he says.

A train accident of this magnitude has not occurred in Spain in the past 40 years.

After the incident, three days in the Galicia region was declared mourning, Santiago de Compostela-born Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy visited the accident site and expressed their condolences to those who died in the accident.

Rajoy said, “Today is a very difficult day. We had a terrible, dramatic accident, ”he said, and said that the accident would remain in 'memories for a long time'.

Julio Gomez Pomar, the head of the railway company Renfe, said there were no technical problems with the train that crashed.

Speaking to Spanish radio, Pomar said, “The train was under control in the morning of the accident. These trains are inspected every 7.500 km… It was extremely well maintained. ”

After this last accident, in which at least 78 people died in Galicia, the black box of the train was delivered to the judge charged with investigating the incident.

BBC's Madrid correspondent Tom Burridge says that Spanish railways generally have a good security record and that governments have invested heavily in transport over the past years.

Alberto Nunes Feijoo, head of Galicia's regional government, said it was too early to say what caused the accident. However, the news in the Spanish media reported that the train went at very high speed during the accident.

According to witnesses, the El Pais newspaper reported that the train was driving at twice the speed limit as it took the curb from which the train came out of the rails.
'It was like hell'

There are 218 passengers on the train.

Jaime Tizon, a firefighter who arrived at the scene first, said the accident area was like “hell”.

Immediately after taking the corpses and injured off the train, Tizon said to ABC, “I come from Hell. "I couldn't see if the engine or one of the wagons was burning."

Eyewitness Ricardo Montesco said the wagons overlapped after the train bend. Speaking to Spanish Cadena Ser radio, Montesco said, “A lot of people were stuck at the bottom. We tried to get it out of the wagons, but we saw that the train was on fire ... I was in the second car and it was on fire. I saw corpses. ”

The biggest train disaster in Spain before was an accident in 1972, in the southern part of the country, in the Andalusia region, where a derailed train killed 77 people.

In the train accident that occurred in Torre del Bierzo in 1944, hundreds of people died and the number of deaths was 78 as a result of censorship by General Francisco Franco.



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