Söğütlüçesme ya Beylikdüzü Metrobüs Line should be turned into Monoraya

Söğütlüçesme or Beylikdüzü Metrobüs Line should be translated into Metro: Not Architect Dr. Ahmet Vefik ALP: Monorail said it would be both cheap and quick
SÖĞÜTLÜÇEŞME - Beylikdüzü Of course, the metro can be done but a very costly work. There are lines in London and Paris that length. But the cost and duration are very long. Of course, the following question comes to mind: If the metrobus was not the right solution, why was it such a big investment? Due to the opening of the BRT, the E-5 entered the private side of the road and the municipality pays serious compensation to private individuals. I wrote and drew it, and “Metrobus is not the right solution. At least monorail on the poles, let's do it. Metrobus is not a modern solution for a tire-wheeled vehicle. Let's get to the rail system. Metro is very expensive and can make it slow. In that respect, let's do the monorail system that goes on the poles üzerinde. Now that I come to the point that I am told, it hurts me in the name of Istanbulites. The advantage of the monorail; you are not connected to the road, a system that can go from the left to the right of the road. You're not going under the floor and making it much cheaper and faster. You're seeing the city on the monorail. For that reason, the monorail was the right solution in Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü line. If the subway is done, we will have to ignore the 10 yearly period. In this respect, I am renewing my offer. Let's go with this monorail, let's expand E-5. The monorail has the opportunity to cross the Bosphorus Bridge. He's never going to drive. However, the BRT is forced to enter the traffic on the bridge. Crossover tunnels underneath the bridge were made on both sides of the bridge as the metrobus flowed back to normal traffic. Very large resources have been consumed, so the BRT is on the bridge so that it passes to the normal traffic lane. The monorail solved all this. The monorail is more advantageous in 5 than 1 in terms of both cost and time.

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