Description of Serdivan Mayor Alemdar's Sapanca Lake cable car project

Serdivan Mayor Alemdar Sapanca Lake cable car project description: Serdivan Mayor Yusuf Alemdar, fer We want to combine the Göl Park Project with Kırantepe. With this project, our aim will be not only Serdivan, but also a project that will surround all of Sapanca Lake. Bu

Alemdar answered the questions of journalists in a live broadcasting program in Göl Park and told that they wanted to establish a cable car connection from Göl Park to university, Kırantepe and Serdivan.

Etti Our people will be here about 2-3 kilometers above, 320 altitude camp, congress buildings, training areas and sports fields, UM said Alemdar.

Gelecek However, our citizens staying here say 'I want to have breakfast by the lake'. We want to unite the Lake of Sapanca with the north and south, that is, from the beginning to the other. With a cable car connection without damaging the lake, first we go to Sapanca Dibektaş and we want to bring Kartepe into the business. We want to combine Göl Park Project with Kırantepe. With this project, our aim will be not only the Serdivan, but also a project that will surround the entire Sapanca Lake.

Alemdar stated that they did not complete their election promises and said ylü We have done what we have promised, there is a point about a single peasant market that we cannot agree with the peasant. We have a very good project. We're gonna start with him as soon as we can. We are ready for the election in peace ”.

Alemdar emphasized that they started preliminary work on the Justinyen Bridge and said, ın Our art history teacher is working with his team. Our negotiations with the Ministry of Tourism continue. After determining the location of the metropolitan with planning, our goal is to unite the Justinian Bridge and Sapanca Lake. Büyük

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