The second stop of the Şentepe cable car line

The second stop of the Şentepe cable car line
The second stop of the cable car line planned by the Metropolitan Municipality between the Yenimahalle Metro Station and Şentepe was to be coincided with the 40 annual trees. Neighborhood residents were concerned about the trees to be cut to another location by asking for the stop.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started preparations for the cable car which is planned to be built between Yenimahalle Metro Station and Şentepe. The second stop of the ropeway, which will consist of four stops, will be made at Yunus Emre Junction in Yenimahalle Center. 26 The first stage of the ropeway that was auctioned in March, 2014 is scheduled to be completed in February, while the second phase is planned to be completed in August, while 2014 has expressed concern over the annual pine trees.


The second stop of the cable car to do a thousand square meters of 475 square Yunus Emre junction about the 35 black pine trees in the 40 annually reminded that the environment. Citizens asked what would be the fate of the trees when the stop was going to be done. He stressed that they did not want the trees to be cut from the neighborhood trees that were concerned about cutting trees.


The green area where the ropeway station was to be built was surrounded by wooden screens the previous evening. A group of workers secured the three-meter-long wooden screens by boiling the metal bars. After the citizens reacted, the screens were removed.

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