The two top rated cable car cabins in color selection were unveiled (Video - Photo Gallery)

Two top-rated ropeway cabins were featured in the selection of colors: the work on the ropeway of 50, which was renewed after years by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, continued rapidly, while two samples, one red and the other green and white, were exhibited in the Sculpture. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the color of the cable car they launched in order to determine the color of the ropeway, very close to each other received the votes of the green and white colors, the two samples produced in these two colors of the cabin exhibited for the citizens to see more closely, he said.

Uludag not only in the winter months, but the 12 month of the year to start the work on the cable car, the Metropolitan Municipality, projected in 1955, 1963 50 working in the year to replace the annual cable car line 8 thousand 874 meters with the world's longest non-direct cable line is building. In the project, which was realized with the build-operate-transfer model, the installation of new poles was rapidly continuing after the dismantling of the existing old lines and poles, while the production of the gondola-type cabins with the 8 personality started. In the survey conducted to determine the color of the ropeway, the red and green-white colors were highlighted and the two samples produced in these colors began to be exhibited in the area opposite the Historical Town Hall on Atatürk Street. In the morning, two cabins brought with the help of a crane were reduced to the area where they would be exhibited with great care.

Mayor Recep Altepe, together with the Secretary-General Seyfettin Avşar and Deputy Secretary-General Mustafa Altın closely examined the new booths exhibited in Sculpture. Expressing that the first stage of the cable car which the citizens prefer to go to Uludağ is open to service in October, 29 stated that they aim to open in October, X On the one hand, while the works on the line were going on, on the other hand the cabin production was started. Citizens in the color of the cabin in the survey study showed the most red and green-white interest. We show the samples produced in these two colors here. Our people will have a closer look at how the new ropeway cabins will be. 8'er personality These cabins will come from 180 and will no longer be waiting on the cable car. Our people can reach the Hotel Zone after a 22 minute trip Halk.




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