Railway Martyrs

Railway Martyrs will be comfortable: TCDD 5.Bölge Malatya-Elazığ line It was commemorated in the train crash between Fırat-Kuşsarayı stations.

The demand of the relatives of Martyr Personnel, the support of the NGOs and the very close interest of the Regional Director Üzeyir ÜLKER and the donations provided by TCDD Assistance and Solidarity Foundation were initiated and replenished.

The martyrs of the task, Fireman Mustafa Aslan, Machinist Sefer Durgun, Train Chief Mustafa Bozkurt, Baggage Conductor Suleyman Gedikoglu and Baggage Worker Celal Batar's spouses, children and other relatives, railroad workers and civil society representatives attended the program read the Quran and prayers he said.

The tears of hearts of the martyrs of the martyrs who welcomed the work, are touched by everyone.

The poem titled “Tülbentim left”, which was written by Regional Manager Üzeyir ÜLKER dedicated to martyrs and presented to his wife, Nazife Aslan by his wife, had emotional moments.

After dinner, the program was completed. Our brothers and sisters in here now have a sewn stone and made them happy. May Allah (pbuh) never suffer again. Let the spirits of our martyrs be blessed.


Seventy-five of nine hundred years,
It was seventeen months of May.
Maybe it was the last time I went,
He's not back, I'm out of sight.

The food he loves,
I've got one in the way.
I would always look back,
He didn't say, I had my intentions.

I've become two orphans now,
I cried, and I was full.
While I was a bud,
It's not enough, I'm out of money.

Elvan and Gülvan were small yet,
They didn't see the night or the day.
The smiley face,
He didn't, I had a frigate in my bowl.

You left us too early.
It's our eyes, a trace of you.
The memory is preserved,
He's gone, I'm stuck on my knee.

I didn't forget you, love Mustafam,
Dope is full of you, my heart and my head.
There has been so many years, with my love,
It's not finished, I'm left with no solution.

We've come from far away,
There wasn't a stone, no excuse.
In this branch, know my love,
She didn't laugh, and I've got cheesecloth.

Prof. Dr. Üzeyir ÜLKER
TCDD 5. Regional director

(This poem 17.05.1975 in the train accident between the Euphrates-Bird in the name of the martyrs of martyrs and all martyrs, Mustafa ASLAN was dedicated to our brother, his precious wife Nazife ASLAN was presented to the lady. 04.07.2013)


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