Zorlu Ramazan Mesaisi of Railway Workers (Photo Gallery)

Zorlu Ramazan Mesaisi of Railway Workers: Workers who renew railway lines in Sarıkamış-Kars Dikme village work selflessly during Ramadan-TCDD Erzurum 45. Road Maintenance and Repair Manager Sahin: metre Before the day of Ramadan 864 meter line were renewing the current line of 864 meters continue to renew the line today. Our friends continue to work selflessly. In this month, the heat affects a little bit but does not affect our daily performance.

Workers who renew the railway lines in the district of Sarikamis continue their efforts in the month of Ramadan.

Workers who started working in the early morning hours of the Sarikamish-Kars Dikme village in the 2013 work program of the TCDD are removing the 12-meter rails in the area from where they are located and instead assembling the 108 meter-long rails on the 250 pound concrete sleepers.

80 workers and 10 technicians who work in road renewal works in difficult conditions despite hot weather with excavator, grader, roller, rail vehicle and 2 road repair tool.

TCDD Erzurum 45.Yol Maintenance and Repair Manager Ugur Sahin, AA correspondent, said Sarikamis-Kars stations between the village of Dikme renovation work on the railway line is progressing rapidly, he said.

Sahin, Ramadan and warm weather despite the work they said, “We do our work between the hours 07.00-17.00. Of course, there are fasting among our workers. We live under difficult working conditions today. Zor

Although the month of Ramadan, there is no decrease in the performance of the workers. We work selflessly with our friends. In this month, the heat affects a little bit, but does not affect our daily performance Bu.

Mahmut Yilmaz, one of the workers in the region in the month of the railway line renovation work continue, he said. Explaining that hunger and thirst forcing themselves towards the evening, Yilmaz said that this did not affect their performance.

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