Railway Workers Seek Support from MHP's Semih Yalçın

Railway Workers Seek Support from MHP's Semih Yalçın: MHP Deputy Chairman and Gaziantep Deputy Semih Yalçın listened to the problems of the railway workers. Yalçın said that he would bring the problems of the workers to the parliament and submit a motion regarding the issue.

Located to the railway line renovation work in Kars in Turkey 2 thousand 500, railroad workers that they work as 75 people in Kars, they want to staff, noting that there is no assurance that they are victims and they want support from Yalcin.

Listening to the workers, MHP Deputy Chairperson Semih Yalçın said, “We will express your grievance and the problem of your inability to resign from the last omnibus law in Ankara, on your behalf, in the parliament and in other media. Let's make some demands to the government in order to prevent victimization. As a party, as a political party, I promise you all of these. As soon as I go, I will announce all the issues I have mentioned to the government with a written verbal parliamentary question and other means provided to us if necessary. I hope it would be effective if the Assembly was announced under the roof ”.

MHP Chairman Yalçın and Provincial Chairman Yaver Özcan later joined the party members for a while. sohbet they did. Yalçın will spend the night in Kars.

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