Prototype project of the first domestic high-speed train

Prototype project of the first domestic high-speed train
TULOMSAS, which is the first domestic automobile, is entering this high-speed High Speed ​​Train Project area.

High Speed ​​Train R & D studies will be carried out under the roof of TÜLOMSAŞ and the prototype project and production of the first domestic high-speed train will be realized. TCDD wants TÜLOMSAŞ to bring technology together with its accumulation and experience. Turkey's authorities said that the tender will be launched in the first time in Ankara and Eskisehir YHT noted that entering into a new era. TCDD officials, "These studies are the work of Turkey's High Speed ​​Rail technology transition. TÜLOMSAŞ has already been concentrated on such projects for a long time. With this tender, ideas will be transformed into projects and the first prototype High Speed ​​Train will be produced. Bu


TCDD TÜLOMSAŞ 4 channel will be made in July after the prototype project will be under construction. During the design works, the company that won the tender will work with the contractor personnel at least 3 TCDD, 3 TÜLOMSAŞ and 2 Consultant company personnel interactively. Immediately after the design project, the prototype will be produced first and the test runs will be made on today's YHT lines.


The characteristics of the YHT sets to be designed will be working in full security and harmony with the systems found in every High Speed ​​Train line (Ankara-Konya-Ankara; Ankara-Istanbul-Ankara; Ankara-Izmir-Ankara and Ankara-Sivas-Ankara) belonging to TCDD. In the project where the smallest details are considered, the contractor company and the project team, including TCDD's corporate colors, will present at least 8 to the selection of TCDD and TÜLOMSAŞ by working on different color combinations. TCDD corporate logos will be used in designs.


One of the most important points of TÜLOMSAŞ's project, which will make a big breakthrough with Fast Train technology, will be the establishment of a research and development (R & D) center. Technological research and development activities will be carried out in the area of ​​TÜLOMSAŞ. This center will be located in the existing Tülomsaş facilities.

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