Train crash in Canada parties blame each other

Train crash in Canada parties blame each other
Firefighters and the railroad company blame each other in a train crash, which resulted in the death of at least 13 people in Canada.

Investigators think the accident might have been caused by another fire before him.

The brakes are discharged immediately after the first fire on the train has been extinguished; In the province of Quebec, Lac-Megantic derailed and exploded.

According to the new details, when the 72 wagonloads of oil were parked in Nantes on Friday, the engineer left one of the 5 locomotives to keep the brakes running.

Nantes Fire Brigade Manager Patrick Lambert said that when a fire broke out on the train at that time, the last locomotive was shut down; He says that the operating company Maine & Atlantic Railway (MMA) was also informed of this.

MMA says the closure of the last locomotive may have disabled the brakes.

"We said how we put out the fire," Fire Department Manager Lambert told reporters. They didn't say anything about the brakes. We were called for fire. Post-fire inspection is their job. ” said.

MMA General Manager Ed Burkhardt says that firefighters should call a mechanic immediately after extinguishing the fire and make sure the train is safe.

"If they spoke to a mechanic, he would immediately know what to do," Burkhardt told reporters. said.

General Manager Burkhardt, who says he has received threatening messages, is expected to visit Lac-Megantic this week.

The 40 is still missing at the scene.

Meanwhile, 2 of the 1200 people evacuated after the explosion were allowed to return to their homes.




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