Night load of Marmaray will carry people in the daytime

Marmaray will carry people day and night: The countdown has started for the 4 October opening in the Marmaray Project, which will reduce the transition between the continents under the ISTANBUL Strait to 29 minutes. Explaining that the project, which will start test drives on August 2, has very important technological details, Marmaray Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen said, “The line will only serve freight trains from 00.00 to 05.00. It will not be open to passengers during these hours. Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılıkçeşme (Kadıköy) will be between 19 minutes, ”he said.

Connecting the Bosporus to the sea under the sea has embellished the dream of many thinkers, geniuses and sultans for hundreds of years. The oldest of the projects under the Bosphorus belonged to the famous genius Leonardo da Vinci. Also 1904 2 in the Sultan. Abdülhamit is known to draw a project similar to the French. Linking the Bosphorus under the sea has been one of the dreams that have been studied over the years in the Republic. The Marmaray Project, which has the dream of years, completes its “last makeup Yıl and is preparing for the opening.

The Marmaray Project, which consists of three stages, has come to an end in the Railway Bosphorus tube crossing section, which consists of a 13,6 km route. The first "passengers" of the train sets will be sandbags during the test drives. The project will be completed at the end of two separate tests with human weight and weightlessness. Marmaray Regional Manager Özmen gave the following information for the planned number of trips of the project, which will be transferred to TCDD operation after 29 October: “In 2015, reciprocal flights will be held every four minutes until the whole line is completed. After 2015, this period will be reduced to 2 minutes. The operator will make the decision regarding pricing. The line will only serve freight trains from 00.00 to 05.00 at night. It will not be open to passengers during these hours. Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılıkçeşme (Kadıköy) will be between 19 minutes.

Özmen told that the excavation was very important during the construction of the project and that 200 has been buried in a quarry in accordance with the conditions of one thousand cubic meters. Özmen stated that a number of suitable excavations, which are suitable for their geology, are used in the production of the project after the necessary processes are completed. Ozmen, the project will work in the scope of all employees, especially the mechanics, said that the training.

Special connection with Kandilli

Explaining that the MARMARAY Project is 7,5-resistant, Özmen said, ğ The magnitude of the earthquake that can be found even if all the fault lines are moving at the same time is indicated by experts as 7. All of our projects are designed to be 7,5-sized, tasar he said. Kandilli Observatory was established with an early warning system that tells about the early warning system in the tunnel, said. Özmen also explained that there are flood covers in both Üsküdar and Sirkeci stations.

Our biggest gain is our experience

MARMARAY Regional Manager Haluk Özmen said,, Every first thing can make people uneasy. When the Istanbul metro was first opened, there was no demand as much as its real potential. People are slowly warming up in such projects. It is a very important and important event for our country to have such a project. The more demand, the more advantages we have in our country. As a Turkish engineer, we are proud of this. If we want to do similar projects from now on, perhaps we will not need foreign experiences. This is a very important achievement. We have the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world with 60 meters, yan he said.

9 completed 13,5 km per year

  • Marmaray Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Project was planned on the 13,5 kilometer. The entire new and improved railway system will be approximately 76 km long.
  • 5 station on this route
  • 1.4 perforation in the sea section, 9.8 mileage in the other section
  • Production of 365 vehicle completed
  • Within the scope of the Marmaray Project BCI Agreement, 2 bin 550 has worked as a person, engineer, architect and worker.
  • In the project, 835 used a thousand cubic meters of concrete, 145 thousand tons of iron
  • To this day 3 billion 21 million 389 thousand 952 dollars spent the total cost of the project 4 billion 308 million 636 thousand 815 dollars.

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