Limak Cengiz Kolin 3 50 billion-dollar partnership from large company

Limak Cengiz Kolin 3 50 billion-dollar partnership: The privatization, infrastructure and energy auctions that have accelerated in recent years have created a very efficient cooperation, partnership between the three major players of these tenders.

Limak, Cengiz, Kolin have partnered in many of the major energy projects. They took the 4 distribution regions and the Yusufeli Dam business together. They set up marketing and distribution companies. However, Turkey's most important projects in the Arkar - Sivas took along two of the three sections of the High Speed ​​Train project. They participated in the tender of a total of 3 viaducts between Ankara and Kayaş, including 4 high viaducts of this project, with a bid of 50 million TL. Ancat's major sickles took place in another infrastructure project, the 284rd Airport business. The value of the work undertaken by the three partners together reached $ 3 billion.

  1. acted together in the airport tender

The biggest tender won by the three business partners was the third airport tender. In the tender with the highest amount in the history of the Republic, the triple initiative also took Kalyon and Ma - Pa with them. They won the tender with 3 billion 22 million euros. The equivalent of this in dollars is 152 billion dollars. The trio acted jointly in many energy projects. They won 42 regions from electricity distribution tenders. The approval and transfer processes of two of them are also over. In the first tenders of the distribution privatizations, they shared Uludağ Electricity Distribution with a 4 percent share and bought it for 33 million dollars.

They got two more distribution zones

Subsequently, they also bought Çamlıbel Elektrik Dağıtım for 33 million dollars with a share of 258.5 percent each. These companies are currently run by partners. In the previous tender process, the buyers also bid for Istanbul Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım (BEDAŞ) and Akdeniz Elektrik Dağıtım (Akdeniz EDAŞ), which were put out to tender again because they did not pay the price. They bought BEDAŞ with an offer of 1 billion 960 million dollars and EDAŞ with an offer of 546 million dollars. The transfer approval processes of these companies continue.

They will build Yusufeli Dam together

All three companies have numerous investments in energy. There are also works they have taken alone or with other partners, but they also acted together in the tender of Yusufeli Dam, which is their most important job as a dam and HEPP project. They bought Yusufeli Dam, a project of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI), for 256.3 million dollars. On October 22, a construction agreement was signed between the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu and the contractor consortium. Partners, Ankara - Sivas High Speed ​​Train project II. and they got the III section tender together. They also participated in the tender for the construction of 4 high viaducts on this line. They offered 284 million lira in the tender last March. They bought the Kırıkkale-Yerköy (Section II) part of the project for 56 million dollars with the participation of Mapa, and the Yerköy-Yozgat-Sivas III section for 130 million dollars with the joint venture of China Major Road Bridge and Mapa. There are also dual jobs. Örek is carrying out the Limak, Çandarlı Port Breakwater Construction Project together with Kolin. Again, Limak carries out the Tandoğan-Keçiören (M4) Metro Line with Kolin partnership.

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