KonyaRay Court Trolley Auction (Special News)

KonyaRay Courthouse Tender Auction Result
The tender for the Construction of Konya Courthouse Tram Line no 2013/60280 and the Improvement of the Existing Campus Tram Line was made. The offers of the 5 companies participating in the tender are as follows:


Building Center + BuildingRay: 53.817.217,12 TL

Unitek + Tour Construction + EM: 58.254.000,00 TL

Laugh: 59.731.478,24 TL

Yüksel Construction + YP Construction: 59.781.000,00 TL

AsyaRay + Koçoğlu JV: 68.873.615,33 TL


Approximate cost 55.803.322,37 TL

Günceleme: 27/11/2018 17:15

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