Eagle metro rents increased by 58 percent

Kartal metro increased rents by 58 percent: Hurriyetemlak.com According to the June 2013 Real Estate Index, rental house prices in Kartal increased by 58 percent compared to the previous year.

Kartal- which is the biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic and also has the feature of being the first metro on the Anatolian side.Kadıköy Metro with Eagle Kadıköy It also provided great convenience in transportation by reducing the distance between them to 32 minutes. With the metro line, which was put into service last year, the increase in rent in Kartal over the past year is an astonishing type. As of June 2013, the annual increase in Kartal, where the average price in house rents increased to 11 lira, reached 58 percent. Kartal ranked first among all other districts of Istanbul in annual rent increase.

Rise in Ortamahalle 105 percent
The highest rental and sale prices in Kartal are in Ortamahalle. The average square meter price of the rented houses is 15 lira, while for sale 3.393 lira. The annual price increase increased 105 percent in sales. Soğanlık Yeni Mahalle is the second with 13 lira in the rental increase, Atalar Neighborhood is the third with 9 lira. The average annual increase in Kartal average reached 25 percent. Average sales prices per square meter have been 2013 TL as of June 1.932. The depreciation period in Kartal has been determined as 15 years.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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