Karabükte flew to the railway

Karabükte flew to the railway
In Karabük, the car, whose driver lost control of the steering wheel, flew to the railroad from a height of about 10 meters after hitting the radar warning sign. While the railway was closed to train crossings, the injured driver was hospitalized.

The accident occurred at around 08.30 at the location of Karçimsa. 58-year-old Mevlüt Taş, which was headed by 78-year-old Mevlüt Taş in the direction of Eskipazar from Karabük, flew to the railroad from a height of 460 meters after hitting the roadside sign 'Speed ​​control is carried out with radar while cruising on this road' as a result of the driver losing steering control. Those who saw the accident asked the 10 Emergency Service for help. Police teams who came to the scene contacted the railway officials and asked that there was an automobile on the railway between Karabük and Çankırı and that measures be taken to prevent any crossing. Mevlüt Taş, who was injured, was put on a stretcher after the first intervention of the 112 Emergency Service team and carried to the ambulance. Mevlüt Taş, who was taken to Karabük Training and Research Hospital, was treated.

An investigation into the accident was initiated.

Source : www.aksam.com.t is



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