Karabük University Rail Systems Club

Karabük University Rail Systems Club
What are Rail Systems?
The rail systems sector has many engineering disciplines. These are civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, signaling engineering, mechatronics engineering, production engineering and many other sub-engineering disciplines. In addition, the discipline of business and economics is also within this engineering field and rail systems sector.

Rail systems technologies are of great importance among today's public transportation systems. kazanyeast continues. The fact that it is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly compared to other transportation methods allows people to prefer rail systems technologies. Parallel to the development of rail systems technologies around the world, our country also needs to progress in this field and to train qualified manpower (engineers). For this reason, it was decided to open the first and only Rail Systems Engineering Department in Turkey within the body of Karabuk University Engineering Faculty in 2011.

About Rail Systems Club
Karabük University Rail Systems Engineering students, the club is Turkey's first rail systems, in 2012, Karabük University was established as the Rail Club. Rail Systems Club Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and 12 are working in coordination with different Rail Systems Club Coordinators. This club operates with ever-expanding activity plans and increasing members.

Purpose of Rail Systems Club
The aim of this club is to contribute to the professional and social development of engineering students. For this purpose, many activities that will benefit the sector and students will be realized and realized.

Our activities
►Technical Seminars
►Personal Development Seminars
►Technical Excursions
►Technical Courses
►Dil Course
►Technical Projects
►AB projects
►Panel on
►Sempozyum on
►The Club Meetings
►Directional Systems Day
►Social Responsibility Projects

7 months of experience kazanDuring the first year, the club organized 7 technical trips, the 1st Rail Systems Panel and the International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium within the Faculty of Engineering of Karabuk University. These panels and symposiums will be held every year. In addition to these, we visited the TCDD General Directorate and received promises of help with technical projects, studies were carried out for the compulsory internships of our club students, and a resource book was provided to the students. The Rail Systems Club has prepared itself for a much more productive academic year with these efforts.

We look forward to our friends who want to improve themselves.



Source : I www.elektrikport.co

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