Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center is in operation

Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center comes to life: The Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center has reached the final stage in the Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center, which is run by the specialized companies affiliated to ABC Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center Planning Construction and Operation Consortium and the ISNAD-Istanbul Transporters Association.

Istanbul Province, Tuzla District, Orhanlı District, Plot: 2, Island: 120, Parcel: 1, 260 489,41 m2 in the Public Service Area allocated by TOKI, approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, dated 15.03.2012 / 3653 and numbered Depending on the Zoning Plan, Zoning Plan Notes, Urban Planning Criteria, Public Benefit, Logistics Sector demands and requirements; The 2023/1 scale proposal prepared within the framework of the 200 Logistics Sector vision Within the scope of the Preliminary Project structural area calculations; Logistics Sector Membership Registration in 9 620 modular unit areas and the participation of more than one million shipping companies, sectoral associations, federations, foundations, regional NGOs, logistics faculty representatives and Logistics Center Integrated Sub-Sectoral Service Groups, carried out under the responsibility of ISNAD Istanbul Transporters Association “Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center Sectoral Organization” studies are continuing at full speed.

As of the start date of 2000; The Prime Ministry, relevant ministries, relevant departments of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IMP, IMM City Planning Directorate, Parliamentary Transportation Commission, TOKI, logistics faculty representatives, Chamber of Architects, Chamber of City Planners, world-famous economists and scientists 13 year tamamlan Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center arak participant member registration and related land cost share account, structural area cost share account processes have been completed and infrastructure and facilities have been completed.

The pilot project A-YKF (Alucra Local Development Faculty), which is connected to ATU (Anadolu University of Technology), is planned to carry out Logistics Center Management and Logistics R & D activities on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul; With the participation of ISNAD-Istanbul Transporters Association, ATU Foundation, Alucra Regional Development Association, regional associations, foundations, village development associations and other NGOs, land allocation, land cadastral arrangements and project services are completed and discussed in parallel with the establishment of Istanbul Anatolian Side Logistics Center. .

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