Remembrance ceremony for the train crash in Spain (Video)

Remembrance commemoration of the deaths of the train crash in Spain: Spain 78 was buried in silence after the death of one person. A memorial service was held today for those who lost their lives.

After 48 hours after the accident, the rail system returned to its normal course and the first high-speed train crossed the point where the accident occurred. With a single margin, this time at an extremely slow pace. Part of the line is still kept closed, because the area is not completely cleared of debris.

Euronews correspondent Javier Villagarcia reports his impressions from the region:
. The revival of trains in the Agrandeira bend, now called cursed, does not mean that life in the Granderia region has returned to normal. Here, the train still survived the shock of the train accident and will not survive for a long time.

Manuel's daughter is one of the passengers injured in the accident and hospitalized. Manuel told euronews about his experiences:

“When I came to the bar here to drink a glass of wine, I saw the wagon in the square. My daughter was the first to think, and she was on the train. The neighbors here are real heroes. I don't remember how I felt, my nerves were broken.

We talked to Jesus about Manuel's hero. Jesus was the first to run for help. He is convinced that he did not help much because he was blocked by the police, and his conscience suffered:

. I slept on the floor not to be affected by the smoke, and I met a body before me, another body two meters away, where the body was full. Then the police came and chased us out of here in exchange for helping us save people.

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