On the Ilgaz Mountain between Çankırı and Kastamonu, progress has been made in 2 kilometers in two tunnels. The tunnel between Ankara-Kastamonu will shorten 30 minutes, and it will bring the beaches of İnebolu and Cide in the capital.

The ongoing tunnel on the Ilgaz Mountain will make the capital closer to the unique shores of Kastamonu. With the end of the tunnel, the beaches in Kastamonu's İnegöl and Cide districts will begin to take place among the capitalist's weekend escape routes. Located at the point where the Devrekâni River flows into the Black Sea, Cide is known as the Gidos Cove, one of the best views of the sunset.

Çankırı Governor Vahdettin Özcan, Ak Party Çankırı deputies İdris Şahin and Huseyin Filiz, accompanied by the authorities in the tunnel found on the Ilgaz Mountain. Governor Özcan, tunnel construction for the third time came, every time the great progress in the work of experiencing the happiness, he said. Özcan said that the work continued on both sites by both Kastamonu and Çankırı. Ilgaz Mountain is drilled by two tunnels, each of which is 5,5 kilometers. Kastamonu and Çankırı are approaching each other. I would like to thank those who contributed E.

The deputy Sahin in Ilgaz Tunnel field of study pointed out that Turkey's strength and stage show that has the advanced technology. Şahin said, gör We see that a major phase of this tunnel, which we built last year, was completed. When this tunnel is finished, the 34 minute pass will take place in 8 minutes. Çankırı Kastamonu, Kastamonu will be closer to Ankara, Ç he said.

MP Filiz de Çankırı said that the revival of trade will begin with Ilgaz Tunnel. Reminding that the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) will be established in Çankırı, OS The export of the products to be produced in Çankırı OSB through Inebolu Port is very important. It will be easier to reach İnebolu Port with this tunnel '.
Highways 15. Hüseyin Meral, Head of Control at the Regional Directorate, stated that Ilgaz Tunnel is composed of 11 and right and left tubes located on İnebolu-Manavgat line. In the right and left tube, the progress of the 2 mileage Meral, which was started in August last year, planned to be completed in November, said the planned completion.