İÇDAŞ Port is a candidate for locomotive

ICDAS candidate to become the locomotive Port: Port ICDAS Turkey's 500 9 kazandıracak.iso acceleration of growth in the Dardanelles. İÇDAŞ, as a large company, is preparing to play an important role in the growth of Çanakkale. İÇDAŞ Port is preparing to make major contributions to Çanakkale both in trade and tourism. Director of İÇDAŞ Port who is active in Biga district of Çanakkale, captain Türker Özman; UM We have three berths with 270 meters, 320 meters and 330 meters, and we have berths with 3 bin 90 meters. 365 days, 24 hour charge is being evacuated. Our port contributes to the production and export of Çanakkale. He gives an advantage to tourism Tur. İÇDAŞ Port is capable of handling 25 million tons per year with its high-level technical equipment and professional team and will significantly increase the competitiveness of investors who are in production or are planning to be located in Çanakkale.

Convenience to the manufacturers
Türker Özman; Olan Çanakkale having the İÇDAŞ Port should use this advantage well. I want everyone who wants to produce their products in Çanakkale and want to know that all the investors who will contribute to the development of Çanakkale will show all the necessary facilities to use the İÇDAŞ Ports. Çan Emphasizing the importance of production and export in the development of the Çanakkale economy, Özman said: Ş İÇDAŞ Port was built for container transportation and included in the container line. So İÇDAŞ Port has also become a container ship haunt port. Due to lack of demand from the region, container transportation is still carried out via Ambarlı Port. I hope that container export freight demand will develop in Çanakkale and we will also provide container export services from our port. We continue our activities with an unlimited service understanding at very attractive prices to Çanakkale business world.




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