High-Speed ​​Train Parla Hill Tunnel work began

High Speed ​​Railway Parla Hill Tunnel works have begun: In the arı High-Speed ​​Train Y, which continues to work within the boundaries of Geyve District, Parla Hill Tunnel drilling works have been started.

According to the information taken from the team working at the construction site opposite the Epçeler Neighborhood behind Parla Hill; For the tunnel which is expected to be '800m', the application of the ground flow and entrance to the tunnel mouth (Entrance mirror-portal entrance structure-PALYE) for the purpose of preventing the landslide was started for the application in the drilling studies. The soil was first covered with concrete, then holes of different lengths will be drilled to the slope of the mountain and liquid concrete will be squeezed into these holes and the ground will be gained. Tunnels with 2 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 and total length of 9800m up to the point of arrival will be made.

Source : I geyvemedya.co



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