Gölbaşı-AŞTİ Metrobus flights will end tomorrow | Ankara

Golbasi-ASTI Metrobus flights will end tomorrow: Metrobus flights to Golbasi-ASTI for approximately seven months will end tomorrow. Transportation from Gölbaşı will return to the old system.

At the iftar dinner in Gölbaşı on Saturday, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Melih Gökçek explained that the metrobus would be abolished after the majority had answered 'no' to the question of çek Should the current practice continue? After Gokcek's statement, EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroglu said that the voyages will continue with the old system from morning until tomorrow.


Tahiroğlu, who noted that there are three important routes from Gölbaşı to the center, Gölbasi-Akköprü-Ulus, 104,
He stated that Gölbaşı-Kızılay-Ulus and 105 numbered Gölbaşı TOKİ-İnönü Boulevard-Ulus lines will start to work again. Metrobuses will also serve in the same lines that record Tahiroğlu, Ankara Hurriyet reporter 'private metrobus way on the fate of the asking, "the Metrobus transportation system reserved for the special way of yellow-lane will be removed automatically," replied.


In order to shorten the time in long distances, the Metrobus system started in 10 December 2012 between Gölbaşı-AŞTİ alı Transport System alı pilot application on private BRT. Golbasi people, neighborhoods metrobus transported by metrobus expres service from the private lane road to reach the ASTİ and Ankara to reach the city center in a short time the system was not accepted by the citizens. Citizens, with the application of BRTB have reached the center to reach out to the center by acting on the grounds of reaction.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr

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