Emre Ray will provide more efficient service on railways

Emre Ray will provide more efficient service on railways: Emre Ray, which has been operating since 1994 in rail systems, energy, construction, transportation and communication.TURKAR EMERAbought 10 pieces from. The vehicles will be used in the company's railroad projects.

Turkey's first indigenous land vehicle manufacturer in Hisar Group generated by Turkey's first domestic 4 × 4 the turkar the new upper made tool 'Railway Line Maintenance Repair Tool' EMERAN, finally being rail systems since 1994, energy, Construction, transport and communication and Emre Ray's activity in the field of the entry into the inventory. The company purchased a total of 10 pieces TURKAR EMERA 4 × 4 for use in railway projects. Emre Ray will carry out many projects on railway superstructure, electrification, signalization and communication, hydroelectric power plants, power generation and operation, electricity transmission, distribution, telecommunication and cable networks, building construction and infrastructure works.


Turkey's first indigenous × 4 4 of the new upper made turkar tool 'Railway Line Maintenance Repair Tool' EMERAN both land right, it can go both rail. EMERA 4 × 4 enables teams to respond quickly to the failures and maintenance needs of the railways and can be used even under the most challenging terrain and climatic conditions, and also serves as a wagon tow tractor as necessary.

Thanks to its special apparatus, TURKAR EMERA 4 × 4, which can serve in all kinds of terrain and climatic conditions, provides attacking and safe driving in the railway as well as in rough terrain. 30-40 hourly speed of the car with the ability to go back, and the wagon system used for the braking system with a special air system thanks to both the front and rear wagon is a great convenience. Thanks to the 4 × 4 vehicle that can go on the rail, public and private sector organizations that meet their needs from abroad will now be able to use a domestic product as a reliable business partner.

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