Traffic Load on D-130 Highway Will Decrease

Zekeriya Özak, Deputy Mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the traffic load on the D-130 Highway will be reduced thanks to the artery to be constructed in Kartepe, Başiskele and Gölcük borders.
Speaking at the meeting held at Gölcük Summer Ilıca Facilities, Özak stated that they created Kocaeli's main transportation plan with scientific data and that they conducted a survey in 10 thousand households to determine their transportation habits.
Explaining that they held face-to-face interviews with a total of 29 thousand people, Özak said, "We carried out 65-hour observations and counts at all entrances and exits of the city, especially the TEM Highway, D-100 and D-130 Highway, traffic counts at 24 intersections throughout the city."
Özak stated that they planned new roads and intersections on the D-130 Highway in cooperation with the General Directorate of Highways and in line with their plan decisions:
“We are planning to build connection roads and intersections to transfer the heavy vehicle traffic load of the city to the southern highway. The vehicle load will be reduced on the Southern highway, new roads and intersections, and on Kartepe, Başiskele, Gölcük and Karamürsel lines. There will be a significant relief in the freight traffic passing through the districts. "
D-130 expresses a large collecting artery in the area between the highway and TEM highway Özak, said:
“Thanks to the artery that will pass through Kartepe, Başiskele and Gölcük borders, the traffic load on the D-130 Highway will be reduced. In addition, with new parking lots, pedestrian and bicycle paths, transfer stations and many transportation projects, Kartepe, Başiskele, Gölcük and Karamürsel transportation will become more comfortable. "



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