TCDD Preferred Huawei for Signaling and Video Imaging Solutions

Signaling and Video Imaging Solutions in TCDD has preferred Huawei: Huawei, the enterprise solutions projects realized in Turkey, he has added a new one.

In the Alsancak-Cumaovası-Torbalı-Tepeköy railway project, Huawei hit the rope in the GSM-R tender, which includes the video viewing and signaling system of the train line.

Huawei, the leading company in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, has won the tender for a line in the high-speed train line project, which is designed to make the 160 speed per hour with the Railway Mobile Communication solution. Huawei, which successfully meets the requirements of the European Railway Management System (ERTMS) and the European Train Control System (ETCS Level 2), will provide high-speed trains for signaling and video viewing on railway lines with the solution developed for the application defined as GSM-R.

Huawei's Alsancak-Cumaovasi-Torbali-Tepekoy project is designed with great care for the Mobile Communication solution, distributed base station will apply the latest technologies. The system, which establishes mobile communication in the railways and will be included in the network that is compatible with each other, which is defined as GSM-R, will also be integrated into the system of railways within the European Union. The system will have the capacity and technology to work in harmony with the existing mobile communications infrastructure established by many suppliers.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Alsancak-Cumaovası-bag-Tepeköy railway line work will begin immediately, in 188 km long railway will connect a total of Bergama and Selçuk.

Less than a year ago, Huawei won the tender for the railway mobile communication for the 466 km railway between Eskişehir-Alanyunt-Kütahya-Balıkesir. Once again Huawei's railways Selecting the video display and signage solutions, which are very sensitive European Railway Transport Management System project in Huawei's and Turkey as an indicator of its ability to perform successfully in both the whole world comes to the fore.

More efficient and safer communication systems in high-speed train Video imaging and signaling solutions in Huawei's railways meet the requirements of the European Train Control System regulations and establish the efficiency and safety level in TCDD's high-speed train projects at European standards. Huawei's state-of-the-art signaling systems within the framework of the European Train Control System support the development of a state-of-the-art railway communication network that will make State Railways more efficient in the field of railroad operations and meet the latest railroad standards.

The GSM-R solution to be installed by Huawei for this project will be compatible with the European Train Control System infrastructure of TCDD's European Railways Transport Management and will be an integral part of this line. The system to be installed by Huawei will operate fully integrated with the signaling system established by the Thales & Savronik System Joint Venture in the European Train Control System.

TCDD, Alsancak-Cumaovası-bag-Tepeköy In addition to the integration and updating work on the railway line as well, Turkey also took very important steps in economic development to the development of passenger capacity to meet transportation needs that arise in parallel. Speaking on the issue, Huawei Public Corporate Relations Director Hakan Bakır stated that Huawei has a very serious experience and significant market share globally in the field of mobile communication systems including solutions such as signaling and video viewing on railways. E Realizes fast and safe steps taken by Turkey on railways We are proud to be here. olmak Copper, Huawei gained as this is the second tender on mobile communications in the railways and also with Huawei's enterprise solutions will continue to contribute to Turkey's IT infrastructure as well, he added.

As a company with a wealth of experience and knowledge in rail communications, Huawei has built up more than a thousand kilometers of GSM-R system worldwide.

Only in 2012, Huawei has achieved great success, achieving the 61 of the global GSM-R market.

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